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happy ramadhan...

this is a song from yusuf Islam...

title:ramadan moon
singer:yusuf islam
oh the people are coming and going
getting ready,to-ing and fro-ing
there's a buzz in the world tonite
people are so excited
daddy's coming home soon;
hoping to see the moon
hoping to catch a sight;
everyone's so happy
moon,moon comeout soon
we're out to see the ramadan moon
clouds shift;fog lift!
city put out ur lights
we want to see the ramadan moon-tonite!
now ramadan has started;
and the moon has just been sighted
tomorrow we all fast-
every muslim must
now 'Esha time is here;
and its time to leave for prayer
the imam is in the mosque;
the qur'an is in his heart
from the early break of dawn,
we'll go the whole day long
shops are full of dates
but still we have to wait
till the sun goes down,
and its time to break our siyyam,
the food is on the plate
ooh!it tastes so good!
now grandad's in iktikaf;
only ten days are left
he's praying every nite;dressed all in white
hands held high;with tears in his eyes
asking for forgiveness;and paradise
now its time again for eid
ramadan ran with speed
will it come again?
like an old friend?ramadan moon
to all muslim in the world...happy ramadhan!!!!!!!!!!!!!
demam mgejut.tidak!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps:kaq faji dpt jwpnnye.congrats

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