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welcome to amiow's show

hye.this is amiow's show..blog of my life da bang-bang..so skg tuka kpd my nickname..amiow(amir+kucing sound=amiow)..haha.funny isn't it?no its not funny at all.dont laugh.hahaa.ok.thats it for today.nk sahur...oh btw,this is "malish" blog.mix language ok..i use bri'ish and malay ok..so....be ready guys...oh and i use "pasar" languange.hahaha.mls nk ikut sgt.haha..fyi,im cra'y rite now u noe...so so bloody hell cra'y ok.be kind with me...haha.JK.im not crazy at all..ok guys.wrapped time.gonna sahur and sleep.haha.do comment me youngster...ay..so ladies and gentlemen..i proudly present...."the amiow's show".tata all maidy..and about 2 second.i will bang-bang.2...1....boooooommmm!!!!!!!!that was not i expected.ay all maidy.bye2.love u guys.one for all and all for one.

PS:boring???an an an???comment la bg idea.ak xda idea

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